Endorse will provide you with tailored leasing solutions. Whether you are a small or a big business, we offer customized long-term lending to support your capital for further business growth. We understand the importance of leasing and the benefits that come with it. That is why we are offering you 2 types of leasing.


By entrusting Endorse with the leasing, we purchase the asset on your behalf and maintain its ownership until the tenor period is over. Once payment is fulfilled; ownership of the asset becomes yours.


Endorse will convert an asset into capital which you will pay back over installments. This immediately frees-up the cash to invest elsewhere whilst still utilizing the asset.

  • We offer a tailored and customized plan with flexible installments answering to your needs and conforming to your cash flow.
  • By applying for a lease, Endorse offers you a more relaxed and more laid back form of loan without affecting the company’s cash flow and liquidity by spreading the value of an asset over the tenor period.
  • At the end of the leasing period, you are given the option and choice of owning the asset but can also choose not to own it.
  • We guarantee a quick turnaround time from the time of submission to the delivery of the asset.
  • We offer assistance with the implementation of the projects; a value added service that we greatly admire at Endorse.
  • Endorse gathered a well thought-out diverse portfolio of partners that will guarantee a wide option of special and exclusive offers.
  • Different than loans, leases are deductible from taxes even if the asset ownership has not been transferred yet.

Looking to enhance your business, provide your customers with value added services, giving you a competitive edge in the Egyptian market? We can help you achieve this goal. Together we can build mutual benefit agreements by aligning our interests and contributing to unlocking your growth potential. Request a call now and we will reach out to you.