Looking to grow your agriculture business?
We, at Endorse, see the potential this sector holds in Egypt; replacing outdated and worn-out equipment with new up-to-date and technologically advanced ones in order to enhance the overall performance of your business is the way to go. Through partnering with us, we promise to provide you with tailored financing solutions to expand, improve the quality of your produce, enhance process efficiency, and ensure consistent and reliable production quality. In turn, this will enable your produce to meet higher standards appealing to new markets in Egypt and opening the door for export – ultimately increasing your profitability and contributing to a stronger Egyptian economy. Whether it is harvesting equipment, aligning, irrigation systems, renewable energy, transport vehicles, loaders, IT systems, construction equipment, warehouses, production lines, we are ready to partner up to give you leasing solutions for any asset with ease and simplicity.
With agriculture being a main source of income for the Egyptian economy, we do understand its weight and importance. This is why Endorse offer leasing products targeting the agriculture industry covering machinery and equipment as per the below outline:
  • Cultivation & harvesting machinery
  • Processing & packaging machinery
  • Irrigation equipment & production lines
  • Transportation – heavy tonnage & trucks
Whether you are looking to lease a new or used machinery we will be here to facilitate the process and make it possible.

We lease a wide range of agriculture equipment and machinery as follows but not limited to:

  • Tractors
  • Seeding Machinery
  • Planting Machinery
  • Soil Cultivation
  • Center Pivot
  • Drip
  • Solar Irrigation
  • Drying machines
  • Freezers
  • Finance amount up to EGP20M
  • Finance tenor up to 60 months
  • Customized installment options based on business pattern with multiple modes of repayment
  • Attractive schemes to fit your business needs in accordance with our tailored proposition
  • Minimum age 21 years & a maximum of 70 years old
  • Ministry of Agriculture permit of activity
  • Leasing application form
  • National ID
  • Commercial register
  • Taxation card
  • 3-year Financial statements
  • 6 months Bank statement
Trade: Do you believe in the power of trade?
At Endorse, we believe that trade is the backbone of any economy. That is why we have taken great interest in providing solutions to that sector, which would assist you in unlocking your business’s growth potential. Our financing solutions are focused on facilitating the execution of the different trading processes by developing tailored and customized programs. These programs aim at financing equipment, warehouses and vehicles so that traders could utilize their cash flows in expanding their trade portfolio, network and reach; rather than purchasing expensive equipment that would limit their cash flow and burden their financials.
Is a wide distribution plan hindering your expansion?
We, at Endorse, believe that distribution is the key to a successful and widespread business. Recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, shed the light on the importance of moving goods from one point to another, all the way to the consumer’s doorstep. The pool of products that require distribution has increased and answering to the consumer’s immediate needs has become a necessity for the survival of the business. With the need for distribution growing and realizing the true potential in Egypt, we, at Endorse, aim at providing you with financing solutions that would directly address the obstacles and financial difficulties that you might encounter. By partnering with Endorse, we offer you tailored financing options for vehicles, warehouses, equipment for tracking and monitoring that would optimize waiting time, product diversity and improve handling of products contributing to business growth.
Build or upgrade your distribution fleet
Distribution is the key to a successful and widespread business. Moving goods from one destination to another is not an easy business, however; it is as essential as it gets. At Endorse, we understand its importance and that is why we prioritized and developed a new leasing program specifically designed for Distribution. This program is aimed at companies that work in the transportation field and are looking to buy a fleet or upgrade/customize an already existing one.
Build your fleet
We give you the opportunity to build your own fleet. If you are in the transportation field and have been in the business for a minimum of three years, we are prepared to partner up with you and help you expand or completely renew your vehicles. This is your opportunity to help realize the expansion you have been envisioning for a while now.
Customize your existing fleet
We understand that with time businesses demand change, or require alterations and modifications in order to answer the market needs. If you are looking to improve your fleet by customizing it, we have the solution for you. Adding an extra box unit, a refrigeration unit, or simply customizing the inside of the box; we are here to lease this option to you.
Endorse offers the only dedicated financing program for startup medical professionals that provides tailored leasing solutions.
  • Financing up to 4 million EGP
  • Minimum down payment of 20%
  • Finance tenor of up to 60 months
  • Flexible monthly or quarterly payments
  • Minimum of 3 years in business (for company)
  • Taxation Card
  • 6 months Business Bank statement
  • Application form
  • National ID
  • Car quotation from authorized vendor
  • Asset Insurance
  • Commercial register & tax card
  • 6 months Bank Statement
Are you looking to invest in education and offer a unique experience to your students ?
At endorse, we understand the importance of education for a sustainable and brighter future. We make sure schools and universities don’t have to worry about cash flow through tailored financing solutions that would turn this dream into reality. Whether you are looking to expand, finance new equipment and/or labs, furnish the premises or invest in means of transportation, we are there for you. With the ultimate goal of improving the quality of Education in Egypt for future generations, we are there to support and make it possible.
Trying to stay up to date to ensure your patients receive the best healthcare?
We understand that as a medical professional, you feel the burden of taking care of the health of your patients and it is crucial to keep your business up to date to offer top notch healthcare to Egyptians. That is why at Endorse, we share that responsibility with you and are willing to share the financial burden as well, through our customized financing solutions to all healthcare professionals and suppliers of medical equipment. Do not let the cost of the equipment hinder the vision you have for a healthier population, Endorse is your partner in this vision and can lease your company the equipment.
Start Up or Upgrade your Clinic/Pharmacy:
The first initiative under the Endorse Healthcare Leasing Program is “Start Up or Upgrade Your Clinic”, an initiative that tackles the burdens associated with setting up a new business for all medical professionals, be it a clinic, a pharmacy or a laboratory or upgrading any of them with new medical equipment. If you’re a doctor of any specialization, a pharmacist or a medical practitioner seeking to unlock your growth potential, then this initiative is tailored just for you.
Endorse proudly introduces the first-of- its-kind leasing program designed exclusively for the healthcare sector in Egypt serving doctors, pharmacist and medical practitioners. This program encompasses several initiatives and tailored offerings that will be rolled out in the market.
Endorse offers the only dedicated financing program for startup medical professionals that provides tailored leasing solutions.
  • Financing solutions for medical professionals
  • Total lease finance up to EGP 2 Million
  • Finance tenor of up to 60 months
  • A very competitive interest rate
  • Fast turnaround time and an agile process
  • Online submission and easy digital journey
  • Doctors of all specialties, pharmacists, and medical professionals
  • Minimum of 3 years in business
  • Minimum age 28 years
  • Application form
  • National ID
  • Tax Card
  • Syndicate card
  • Medical establishment license
  • Ownership/rent authenticated contract
  • License of practice or Clinic license