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Contrary to normal loans, leasing offers a quick turnaround time and the equipment can be used without the burden of its ownership.
Any company, organization or association looking for a tailored non-banking financial solution.
Most equipment can be leased such as construction’s heavy equipment, production lines, renewable energy, medical equipment, all types of vehicles, school equipment, lab equipment, warehouses and more). We can also lease services such as finishing.
The main advantage of the Sale and Lease back lease is improving your company’s cash flow by getting cash in return for assets you own without keeping its ownership.
Evaluator will assess and evaluate the value of the asset.
Applying for a lease is easy. you can visit our website or simply call and speak to one of our account managers to get started.
Yes, insurance is mandatory.
Yes, at the end of the leasing term, you can own the asset once all rentals are paid off.

Healthcare Leasing Program

  • Doctors of all specialties, pharmacists, and medical professionals with a minimum of 3 years in business
  • Minimum age of 28 years
We finance up to EGP 2 Million.
The interest rate calculation depends on the evaluation of the case. Your account manager will inform you of the interest rate after evaluating the case; however, we, at Endorse, are keen on delivering tailored solutions that suit your business needs, offer best value, and maximizes your growth.
Endorse offers flexible payment methods that suit each business model, we have monthly & quarterly payments, and the payment is done through cheques with the value of the leasing installments.
  • Completed application form
  • National ID
  • Tax Card
  • Syndicate Card
  • Medical establishment license
  • Ownership/rent authenticated contract
  • License of practice or Clinic license
Once all documents are submitted and due diligence from our end is completed, your account manager will help you complete the procedures as fast as possible. We pride ourselves on having a quick turnaround time and we do our best to expedite the process.
Endorse will own the asset until the repayment period is over and the full payment of the asset is completed.
At the end of the contracting period and once all payments have been settled, the ownership of the assets is transferred to you.
We have a solid portfolio of partners and suppliers that guarantee you a variety of special and exclusive offers. You can also request a specific vendor and we will consider it.
The concerned department will complete the procedures with the desired vendor in accordance with company policies. Results of this investigation will be shared with you by our account manager who will guide you through the rest of the cycle.


Supply chain finance, also known as accounts receivable financing, is an alternative funding option for small, medium and large companies.
Supply chain finance is not a loan – rather, it is a way for you to turn existing accounts receivable into cash.
Businesses that are selling goods or services to other businesses can use supply chain finance to gain necessary working capital.
All you have to do is give us a call on 15157 or fill out our online form here on our website contact here
Once an invoice is submitted for factoring, if all papers are in order, you should receive funding quickly.
Many businesses choose factoring over traditional lending because it is easy, flexible and fast. No additional debt is added to your balance sheet.
Yes, in addition to supply chain finance, we offer different types of leasing and consumer finance. To know all about our services and solutions, browse through our website.