Factoring is a financial service by which your company/organization can sell its invoices to us, Endorse. We then become responsible for the payment collection directly with the buyers, which gives you, the company/organization, the opportunity to use receivable factoring in order to meet your company’s immediate cash needs.

Optimize working capital

Factoring product support business entities to optimize their working capital.

Improve cash flow

All account receivables are removed from business balance sheet and transform them into cash.

Maintaining a good relationship

Factoring is easy and fast. Establishing a factoring relationship is much simpler than other types of financing options offered by banks.

Enhance your business

Companies benefit from improved cash flow as they will take advantage of these discounts, which directly affect the bottom line.

At Endorse, we offer a unique Supply Chain Finance product through which an organization would benefit from a front-to-back automated invoice management solution that connects both supplier and buyer together.

Our solution allows the supplier to benefit from an automated seamless collection and financing service unburdening the company from any extra costs for bookkeeping.

  • Automated end-to-end invoicing management system connecting sellers/buyers/factoring company. We at Endorse take pride in providing this option and facilitating the invoicing process.
  • Seller is eligible to receive payment quickly after gaining access to their receivables and getting the necessary approvals. A fast and agile process, sparing seller lengthy payment terms and countless follow-ups.
  • Sellers remain in control of their cash flow, allowing flexible forecasting and growth without carrying the burden of unpaid debts.
  • Sellers receiving prompt payments for their goods/services provided they are able to maintain a healthy financial base and therefore, provide consistent services to the Buyer.
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