Endorse is pleased to introduce Consumer Finance products catering to consumers in the Egyptian market. Supported by an end-to-end digital cycle, as well as a unique digital customer onboarding journey, making everything just a few clicks away.

Through partnering with different entities and different industries, we enable our users to receive financing that meets their varying needs through a seamless, agile and quick process.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


Submit your request through our partners


Case is assessed, you will receive your approval.


Pay your flexible installments with a quick turnaround time and easy procedures.

We extend our financing services to members of our communities residents of compounds that are partners and….

When it comes to your health, no expense is ever spared. Now with Endorse, you can easily get flexible financing….

Education is key… isn’t it. Providing your children with the best education without compromising on quality….

Many don’t consider the importance of insurance, however, it proved to be a valuable service to those who….

Are you tight on cash and have been delaying the plan to re-design and refurnish your house?

Our Consumer Finance Community

To submit your request and start the application process with one of our before mentioned partners, click on register and you will be directed to our registration portal to get the ball rolling.

If you wish to apply but the service provider desired is not in our list of partners, we urge you to fill in a simple request form and we will reach out to you with the next steps. Our aim is to unlock the growth potential and provide payment facilitations to all.


Mobile app – Coming soon

Endorse is a one stop shop, with easy installments and a seamless journey. Our notification system will keep you posted with all new features as well as a reminder feature to keep you on track with your upcoming installments and their respective due dates.

Stay tuned

Looking to enhance your business, provide your customers with value added services, giving you a competitive edge in the Egyptian market? We can help you achieve this goal. Together we can build mutual benefit agreements by aligning our interests and contributing to unlocking your growth potential. Request a call now and we will reach out to you.