Endorse is your newest and most trusted financing solutions partner. We devise out-of-the-box tailored solutions to fulfil your financing needs and positively contribute to your prosperity, expansion and advancement. Our aim is to extend our innovative financing solutions to the “business” and “consumer” market segments using fintech to offer a seamless, simple, agile, and state-of-the-art digital customer experience that is accessible to all. We are a part of Prime FinTech – the financial technology arm of Prime Holding – a company that was established in mid 2020 as a holding company that intends to establish companies that operate in the non-banking financing services sector. Prime holding is a company that was established in 1992 and is one of the top financial institutions in the country with over 25 years of experience under its belt.
Shereen Al Taher
Shereen Al Taher Managing Director
Ahmed Fekry
Ahmed Fekry Chief Financial Officer
roger el hajj
Roger El Hajj Internal Audit Director
Ahmed Sokromy
Ahmed Sokromy Product & Marketing Director
Jailan Mourad
Jailan Mourad Human Resources Director
Simply put, Endorse will efficiently expand the capabilities of the non-banking financing solutions industry through an alternative approach that focuses on growing Industries as opposed to financing specific products. This non-banking financing solutions company was born out of an energy to re-imagine the industry by introducing an Alternative Business Model. It looks to be the market leader in fintech non-banking financing solutions by providing industry-tailored & customizable solutions that will sustainably grow end-users, partners and industries. As a result, we instigate industry level growth.


We take pride in availing tailored financing solutions customized per industry and individual needs.


We continuously create financing solutions that meet the diverse business needs per industry and consumer segment.


We identify industry pain points, anticipate trends, and recognize potential through rigorous research and devise out-of-the-box solutions that cater to them.


We use state-of-the-art digital FinTech solutions to complement our financing products resulting in an impeccable customer experience.



Our growth is fueled by the growth of our partners.
Coupled with our business purpose, is our social purpose. We aspire to uplift our society in an effort to fulfill the ambitions of Egyptian citizens and businesses alike. We boost business expansion, support industries’ flourishing, create decent jobs, and contribute to the country’s overall economic growth and prosperity. As we support individuals with our financing solutions, we are helping them to improve the quality of their lives and meet their needs.
Our success is based on 4 main pillars
Our business model
Our strong talent
Our solid funding
Our unparalleled technology
Endorse is Prime FinTech’s first company to launch in the Egyptian market with the aim of re-imagining financing solutions for both personal and business segments. Prime FinTech is a holding company established by Prime Holding to enter the world of financial technology (fintech).

Endorse Board of Directors

  • Shireen Al Kady

    Executive Chairman, Prime Holding & Non-Executive Chairman, Endorse

    Mr. Shireen Al Kady is a pioneer in the world of finance, economics and investment banking. With more than 40 years of experience in the field, his career spanned several consultancy positions including the Public Enterprise Office on privatization offering finance services to several Egyptian public holding companies, insurance firms and numerous banks. He was listed in the International Who is Who of the financial world in 2000.
  • Shereen Al Taher

    Managing Director and Executive Member of the Board

    Shereen Al Taher is an experienced risk management officer who has an experience of over 20 years mainly in credit risk. Her experience spans multinational and local banks. Al Taher brings her strong expertise in the field of risk in addition to a proven record of accomplishment and solid management skills acquired in commercial as well as Islamic banking.
  • Tarek El Husseiny

    Member of the Board (independent)

    Tarek ElHusseiny is a seasoned expert at initiating and managing strategic business relationships at the highest corporate organizational level within financial institutions, regulatory bodies and government institutions. His latest position was Vice President, North Africa & Levant with Visa.
  • Farid El Chiati

    Member of the Board (independent)

    Farid El Chiati is a renowned business figure with a rich history of various upper management and consultancy positions throughout his 40-year career in a number of prestigious financial organizations including banking institutions and leasing companies within Egypt and throughout the Gulf region.
  • Mohamed S. Bendary

    Vice Chairman and Member of the Board

    Mohamed Bendary is a finance and accounting guru with over 30 years of experience in Egypt as well as the Gulf region. His expertise span investment banking, mortgage finance, auditing firms all the way to commercial banks. His latest focus has been on company restructures, policies and procedures as well as running both finance and operations departments.
  • Mohamed Badrah

    Member of the Board (independent)

    Mohamed Badrah is a multi-talented professional known for his talents in planning and operational improvement. With 42 years of experience in policy development and management procedures impacting both morale and productivity, he held a number of upper management positions in some of the world’s most reputable financial institutions.

Prime FinTech Board of Directors

Prime FinTech’s share capital stands at EGP 75 million. The company boasts a solid team of experts dedicated to providing a seamless customer experience, simplifying financing services and solutions and adding value to the non-banking financing services in Egypt.

Shireen Al Kady
Shireen Al Kady Executive Chairman of the Board
Mohamed Maher
Mohamed Maher Vice Chairman of the Board (non-executive)
Fady Rafla
Fady Rafla Managing Director & CDIO
Zeinab Hashim
Zeinab Hashim Member of the Board (independent)
Halla Sakr
Halla Sakr Member of the Board (independent)
Osman Sultan
Osman Sultan Member of the Board (independent)
Licensed by FRA, Prime FinTech will operate in compliance with the Capital Markets Law No. 95 and its executive regulations. As a holding company, Fintech is planning to establish companies that will provide the Egyptian market with a unique range of non-banking financial services for both businesses and consumers.

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